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What are the best places for Expats to live in?

I’ve lived in numerous countries spanning Europe, the United States, and Asia, so I hope I can answer this topic well. It is not an easy question to answer because it is largely dependent on what you want out of life. Spain, for example, is all about a casual way of life, easy working hours, and a lot of partying. If you are at a point in your life where you don’t care about your work and would rather have fun and a good time, then nothing beats Southern Spain. I hadn’t gone to South America, but I suppose it would be similar, with the exception that Spain might be a lot safer. However, as I already stated, it all depends on what you want out of life. The United States, for example, would be ideal for advancing one’s profession, with outstanding research labs and work prospects, as well as a high level of equality. However, for long-term living, it may not be such a desirable spot for the reasons I discussed in another piece. I’ve met numerous Europeans who come to the United States for a short period of time to attain a specific goal (for example, spent several years at Google, or went to MIT, etc.) and then returned to Europe. Germany, on the other hand, provides a fairly regimented lifestyle as well as the benefits of a sociable country (free healthcare, free education, etc.)

However, incomes are often lower than in the United States. For this, Switzerland falls somewhere between the United States and Germany. Salaries are extremely good, there is a very disciplined way of life, wonderful nature all around you, peace of mind, security, and so on. In a nutshell, everything is beautiful, but the Swiss are not as open as Americans and Southern Europeans. And you can see it in their demeanor. Most of the time, the laws are against foreigners, and it isn’t much you can do about it. Overall, I would conclude that it is not a simple question with a clear response. Everything is dependent on what you want/prefer in your life. I hope this helps.

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