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Move to Germany, the Land of Ideas
Germany attracts many foreign enterprises due to its strong economy. This city is home to 85.7 million people (the most in the EU) and is a popular relocation destination for expats. If you want to relocate to Germany and take advantage of the excellent school systems, well-maintained infrastructure, and excellent transit system, APAC Relocation can assist you in preparing a successful transfer.


Germany is one of the most appealing Western European countries to settle in, with good salaries and a low cost of living. The ease of obtaining a driver’s license, reliable public transit, and slightly formal yet pleasant people are just a few of the things you’ll encounter in the country.

Germany has much to offer every expat. It is divided into 16 states and has a diverse terrain, ranging from deep woods to urban cities, large mountain ranges, and picturesque riverside villages. Despite being a sophisticated and inviting country, there are numerous practical aspects of living in Germany that expats should be aware of.


Finding a home in Germany is one of the most important aspects of the moving process, yet it may also be the most difficult. This book covers the various alternatives open to you, ranging from renting (which is more common among both expats and locals) to purchasing a new property.

If you do decide to buy a house, this guide will walk you through the best ways to identify property for sale as well as other expenditures to consider, such as property tax. If you’re looking for houses or flats to rent, you’ll discover a wealth of information regarding short-term rentals as well as helpful hints on what to look for when signing a rental agreement.

The average rent and house prices in Germany will be influenced by the type of property and location. Some towns, such as Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne, might be highly expensive, whilst others, such as Leipzig, Bochum, and even Berlin, provide a wide range of reasonably priced flats. Unfortunately, rising demand is driving up to Berlin prices.

There are several sorts of residences to fit every lifestyle, including bungalows and apartments, which may be better for the elderly, as well as detached houses, farmhouses, cottages, semi-detached properties, and townhouses. Furthermore, some individuals live in caravans, and motorhomes are very widespread in Germany.

APAC Relocation is a top-notch and reliable mover in Singapore who maintains a team of professional moving consultants for efficiently planning your move to Germany and its various cities like cities  Frankfurt, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Bielefeld, Cologne, Leipzig, etc.

Every step of your international move to Germany like packing, loading of containers, voyage, documents, customs clearance, etc. will be taken care of by one of the top movers in Singapore. You can be assured of the safety of your residential/commercial belongings since we are fully licensed and insured packers and movers in Singapore.

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