Be a Part of Expat Community & Make Friends in a New Country

Be a Part of  Expat Community & Make Friends in a New Country

Join our expat community if you can relate to any of these:

  • Language barriers: For some expats, this may be the most difficult problem. Shopping and ordering a cup of coffee, for example, can be time-consuming and stressful. It’s OK to be nervous, but if you spend the most of your time in an expat bubble, you’ll miss out on opportunities to learn the local language and make new friends.
  • Identity crisis: Long absences can lead to an identity crisis. The more locations you live and the longer you are away from home, the more you may feel as if you are not linked to any nationality. Expat communities can aid in the creation of a sense of belonging.
  • Personal development: If you are going to a new nation on your own, the realisation that you will no longer have the safety net of family and friends can be frightening. However, it takes fortitude to go through this, and the numerous obstacles you must conquer are character-building and will further fuel your independence. However, pursuing independence does not exclude you from maintaining some ties with your expat community. An expat group allows you to meet new people and share your experiences.
  • Lifelong relationships: As a result of shared experiences, one person develops a special bond with another. People you meet while travelling become an extension of your family and a lifeline in times of crisis. These are the questions

To prevent feeling completely alone in a new setting, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression, use the resources at your disposal (including the support of an expat community), connect with your organization’s assistance programme, and take the time you need to settle in.

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